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Ruggers and buggers are a special breed, we all know it. We’re a little tougher than most, and much more willing to get our hands (and anything else we need) dirty to get the job done. We like having fun more than most, and don’t mind getting hurt in the process. Basically, take all the best parts of every other (lesser) sport, throw away half of the rules, and you have Rugby. It’s really one of a kind. If you are a fan, you already know what I am talking about, don’t you?

Luckily, Rugby has been catching on all over the world. Whether you’re a league or union fan, you have a multiplicity of choices for playing, viewing, and betting on rugby… this is largely thanks to the Internet, which makes it easier than ever to connect with international things even when there’ may not be as much local interest. The ‘net also makes it a lot easier to play games anytime at an online casino!

Not that there’s too many places where rugby isn’t taking a local hold. Even in the United States, where anything that isn’t football or baseball is consider a little, well, ‘fruity’, Rugby has appealed to the national appreciation for no – nonsense, full – contact controlled mayhem for several decades now.

The centers of rugby in the States and elsewhere is college. Find me a college or university that doesn’t host a robust rugby team and I’ll show you a bunch of sad kids in need of a serious attitude adjustment. Come on — if Notre Dame, a name virtually synonymous with football, has had rugby since 1961, nobody else has any excuse.

The team to count on has been the University of California at Berkeley’s Golden Bears — and we’re serious. Out of the last 32 national collegiate championships, Cal won 25!  Other major players include Air Force (3 wins, 4 times runner – up), BYU (1 win and 4 time runner – up; they and Cal had the last five championships to themselves!), and a number of other traditionally – solid championship contenders (from Harvard to Army, Online Pokies, Penn State to Wyoming).

A large majority of the online sportsbooks have their own online casino, which have all the games that you can find at any land based casino. In addition to these games there are options to bet on things that traditional casinos just do not offer all of the time. Even with the number of players, watchers and especially bettors there are for the sport, they simply do not offer a regular line to bet it at brick – and – mortar casinos. No matter how small of a game it is, there is always somewhere you can place a bet online.

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