Rugby Betting Online

You need not worry about finding rugby online; all of the best online sportsbooks offer it. In fact, you will likely be surprised at how many options there are for betting on the game!

Of course you have your choice of League and Union… that is as basic as it gets. You also have lines covering each entry on the the schedule, just as you would any other sport. You would expect all of this (at an online sportsbook, of course — it is far more than you would expect at a land – based sportsbook!) but the good online sportsbooks have a number of other tempting options, too, even before we consider the possibilities of an online casino USA…

Checking the lines even out of season, you run across a surprising number of futures; right now, I am looking at the Union futures on, which include French Rugby Championship, the Magners League, the Super 14, the World Cup, the Guiness Premiership, the Six Nations, and the Tri – Nations Series. The League futures show the Challenge Cup, the Northern Rail Cup, the Super League, the Four Nations Series, the NRL, and even the World Cup…three years in advance!

It gets even better. Looking at bet365, you have some very detailed options, such as betting on “Team to score first”, “Team with highest scoring half”, and “Will any team score 3 unanswered tries?”. Even better, you get Live In-Play options, to keep the adrenaline flowing right along with the game itself.

And it goes without saying that you’re already connected to the Internet, so you have quick access to all of the little details and statistics that you might want to check before you place your bet…or just for fun, while you’re waiting for the match to begin. If that’s not enough to pass the time, most of the online sportsbooks will offer a few casino-type games — and the best will offer a full-featured casino, online slots and everything, that you can access just by being a member of the sportsbook!

To make a long story short, there has never been such a great time in the field of sports betting and we’re just getting started. It’s a revolutionary time that you should not miss. It brings such an added level of excitement to every game that you can hardly even imagine it in my estimation… First off, there are so many advantages to playing in a traditional sports book. Just think about all of the savings these companies get by keeping their main business location on the internet… Where do you think those savings go? Well, you’re right partially if you said to the casino but the majority of those savings are passed along to the consumer…


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